Treble Clef Music Bingo Game

Treble Clef Music Bingo Game

It can be used to teach 3rd-6th grades.

Also includes: PDF and 22 pages

Are you looking for an elementary music lesson with a treble-clef bingo that reinforces reading the treble chord note names on staff? The note name game can be used in your lessons, centers, or any time you’re working with music. An engaging music game that can be used by the whole class, sub-tub or music centers. Great addition to Orff and Kodaly lessons, while also addressing the identification note names

Two bundles contain the resource:

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Level One can only use notes which are on the treble staff (E4-F5). This game can be used as a tutorial for beginners or recorder players. All students will be able win by moving at a moderate pace in 20 minutes. Everyone will have a chance to win, as there will be many winners.

You can review the notes of the treble-clef staff, including their ledger lines. Treble Clef music bingo game with ledger lines

This pdf document contains 16 playing cards as well as a master of all the notes used in the game. It also includes calling cards and instructions. Additional copies are available for students with more than 16 participants.

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I wish you many memorable musical moments as you play this game.

Linda McPherson

McPherson Music Room

Students had so much fun with the game. The game was great for helping students with learning disabilities to have some fun.

It was so much fun for me and my students. My students would beg for me to join them! This was a wonderful way for the children to learn note reading skills and strengthen their previous knowledge. Many thanks!


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