Turkey Directed Drawing … Thanksgiving … November … Fall … Anytime!

Turkey Directed Drawing ... Thanksgiving ... November ... Fall ... Anytime!

This can be used to help PreK-6th-grade students.

PDF, 33 pages

You are looking for something to brighten up the classroom with a fantastic directed drawing project? It’s here! It’s perfect for gift giving, hallway display, and memory book making. It’s just so beautiful… and EASY to draw, for any age!

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All The Interesting Details:

The purchase comes with 2 files

✏️Print and Go “Perfect Start” paper (has specific starting points already lightly printed to help artists get off to the perfect start!)

✏️This beautiful, fully-colored guide walks everyone through every step of the drawing process. The show includes detailed photographs, explanations that are easy to understand for kids, helpful tips, and creative ideas. All you have to do now is turn the pages and listen aloud. It’s easy to explain!

You will amaze your students at what their drawings can do! This project is a great way for kids to express themselves and increase their self-confidence as artists.

This project can be done by 4-5-year olds, and is easy enough for everyone! This project was loved by all my children, ages 4-12. You can find it here:



Say it with happiness:

❤️The kids loved it. This is a great activity for directed drawing. It’s so much fun!

❤️These turned out amazing! The fact that the drawings are still so personalized is amazing to me. It’s a huge confidence booster!

❤️It is beautiful. This is a great project. It’s easy to follow and has all the necessary tools.

❤️WOW! You have set it up so beautifully. I enjoy doing directed drawing. “I love that the paper is used to teach students how to position themselves in the beginning.”

❤️Directed drawing is something I enjoy because it fits into my lessons. The kids must follow the directions, and then they can feel proud of what they created.


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NOTE ON LICENSING Only one teacher can license this resource. This is the typical class that you teach in a school year. You are welcome to share this resource with students if your class is online. You may not use the resource for profit in class on websites such as Udemy or OutSchool. It is not permitted to sell anything using the resource. Please ask if you have questions. We appreciate your understanding. Thank you!

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It was such an engaging and fun activity. This activity was loved by the students and went well with their learnings from VAPA teachers.

It was so much fun for my kids to do this Thanksgiving activity together in the classroom. They were so adorable They turned out so cute!


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