Valentine’s Day : With All My Heart – Art Lesson Plan

Valentine's Day : With All My Heart - Art Lesson Plan

It can be used by Homeschool students for their 1st through 7th grades.

Includes PDF and 17 pages

I Love You With All My Heart

This is an exciting project that allows your students to show their creativity and create a stained-glass effect.

This art project is great for Valentine’s Day or any time of the year.

Simple materials. Fun technique!


– For Everyone


– Drawing

Visual Language

Thick Lines

Curved Lines


– Acetate sheets (8.5 x11 inches)

– White sheets (8×11 inches).

Permanent markers in black

– Permanent marker colours Cardboard

– Aluminum foil


This document includes:

Explanatory photographs and detailed instructions for this project are included.

– Rubric for evaluation

These are both examples for younger students and 8 more difficult versions for seniors.

There are approximately three periods.

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The project ….. was loved by my students. Although it was difficult for some, they had tons of fun with their classmates and were delighted at the end results. Thank you very much.Thank you!

It was a lot of fun! My home school child is always in need of creative outlet. The project was very easy to complete and had stunning results. My daughter created two stained glass windows over the course of the week. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. It was difficult to connect this project with a well-known artist. We just looked up random artists to discuss the various stained glass techniques of the past. This project would be perfect if it could tie into a resource or website on stained glass history (or even a simple information sheet).


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