Valentine’s Day Writing Prompts Quilt: Poem, I Love This About You etc

Valentine's Day Writing Prompts Quilt: Poem, I Love This About You etc

It can be used as a 2nd or 4th grade, homeschool.
This is a common method of teaching 2nd- and 3rd-year students.

Includes PDF and 15 pages

Use this creative activity to combine art and writing for a Valentine’s Day Display in the classroom. You will receive 7 prompts that you can use to help make your class a quilt display. It is an engaging, fun and rewarding activity that will make a class display students can be proud of. This is an excellent way for students to show and share their writing.

Here are some key features

  • This package contains seven writing prompts.
  • You can choose between two sizes of writing prompts: four squares per page and two squares per page. The size you choose is up to you!
  • There are many options. One prompt can be used or you may use all.
  • The same piece can be completed by multiple students, but they may choose to make different pieces. Print the pages you like and then use them.
  • You can join the quilt squares together to form a Valentine’s Day board or large display of quilt squares.
  • Here students will be able to share their Valentine’s Day thoughts and feelings while also considering its true essence.
  • You can combine writing and art in this activity to create a quilt.
  • The students and teachers will be proud to display their efforts and make it a memorable event.
  • They are perfect for Valentine’s Day celebrations in schools.
  • You can create a literacy center, a display, or homework.
  • By completing six of the prompt squares, students can make their own mini quilt and join them together.

Grade Levels:

  • These writing prompts are suitable for grades 2/3 and 4.
  • Although some 1st-grade teachers have successfully used them, there may not be enough room for students to write in the area. They can however be printed larger on a copier.
  • Teachers commented on how they used quilts successfully with their older students, from 5th to 8th grade.

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These 7 prompt sheets can be used to help you write.

  • Valentine’s Poems Square
  • There are 40 things I love about quilt square
  • There are 10 ways to show your love quilt square
  • I Love … Sentences Quilt Squares
  • How Would a Frog Feel? Quilt square
  • You are my favorite quilt square
  • How do you define love? Quilt square

Versions digital

The PDF file can then be converted to digital using Easel. Easel Activity PDF pages can be modified using Easel, and sent to students via Google Classroom. Google Classroom is required to access Easel.

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Valentine’s Day, Happy!


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