Van Gogh Starry Night Art Lesson (from Art History for Elementary Bundle)

Van Gogh Starry Night Art Lesson (from Art History for Elementary Bundle)

It can be used by Homeschool, 1st- and 3rd grade students.

Included: PDF, 12 Pages

How do you find the inside?

Teachers will find this art lesson useful. It is simpleArt lesson that explores Vincent Van Gogh’s art and the times of Post-Impressionist Art. Use a simple teacher script for children to read aloud. Include questions as a guide to your discussions. Consider Van Gogh’s subjects and painting style. The students will work on two projects. One, a pastel painting over Starry Night as a template. This is to try and imitate Van Gogh’s paint strokes and create movement. Two, a tin foil project that was inspired by Van Gogh’s Sunflowers. You can also finish off with other literacy extension activities that are integrated into the curriculum for those who have finished early.

The bundle contains this lesson: The Art History of ElementaryThe book includes 13+ easy-to-follow art lessons, projects, scripts for teacher reading aloud, and literacy integration. Students will enjoy a trip through western civilization and art history, from cave art to modern artwork. This bundle is child-friendly.

PREVIEW – Although these lessons were only just separated from the bundle recently, you can view a deeper preview and over 1000+ reviews below.

Click HERE for comments from teachers for Art History Elementary

This includes a detailed teacher script that you can read to your students about art styles and time periods, as well as questions to help guide your lessons. It doesn’t matter if you have any art background or knowledge of art history. Simply turn to the first page, and you’ll be able to learn with your fellow students.

What’s included:

  • To introduce time periods and styles, read aloud the script. The script was written for young audiences and contains questions that can be used to engage students.
  • Example of student art
  • A main project and several extensions to it.
  • Many activities are available for those who want to think deeper or start early, including a Review and Review page and word search.
  • Search key terms to locate related art online for students

Note: Examples of popular artwork that students have shared are web-based. Students are given key words and URLs to help them find the images they seek in a search engine. Due to copyright concerns, the actual artwork cannot be included within this unit. All images are easy to find with a quick Google search. Printing the artwork is possible, however, projectors are a great way for students to examine each piece of art in detail.


FAQs about the BUNDLE

Below are some frequently asked questions concerning the bundle.

OrganisationThe following art history lessons are organized chronologically.

Includes Artists and Art Periods:

  1. Cave Art
  2. Egyptian Art
  3. Roman Mosaics art
  4. Renaissance: Leonardo DaVinci’s Mona Lisa
  5. Baroque – Rembrandt Portraits
  6. Romantic – Turner’s warm/cool colours
  7. Impressionist- Monet’s Lily Pond
  8. Post Impressionist Van Gogh’s Starry Night
  9. Post Impressionist- Seurat’s Pointillism
  10. Abstract Art – Piet Mondrian
  11. Expressionionism — Edvard Munch’s The Scream
  12. Cubism – Pablo Picasso Collage
  13. Modern Art by Ted Harrison Arctic Art

What is included in each lesson?

Every lesson should:

  • An aloud teacher script that includes simple information about the time period.
  • a relevant art project
  • Extension art projects
  • To review ideas, reflect and then revise the page
  • Coloring page for famous artwork
  • For those who are quick to finish, word search with the relevant vocabulary

Materials required

This art project uses only affordable and readily available art supplies. My experience working in low-budget schools has taught me how costly supplies can be. The lessons are simple to complete with paper, markers, pencils, paints, pastels, and other everyday supplies. If you’re not certain, you can view a preview of the materials.

Estimated Time

It will vary depending on your age and whether you decide to do all of the related writing activities, extensions projects or projects within the unit. There are many options! For the teacher read-aloud script/class discussion and for art lessons / cleanup, each unit takes approximately an hour. Additional art lessons or writing extensions may take another hour.

Not all projects have to be completed. You can choose which ones you want. For those who are completing the projects quickly, you can use word searches, coloring pages, and extension writing to help.

Literacy Components

This program also includes literacy elements, which will help you integrate it with writing and social studies.

Students can use the simple map to mark which areas each lesson is focused on.

How about early finishers?

To help with reflection and review writing, I included pages for you to use when your projects are complete. Also, there were word searches for each lesson, various printables, word search sheets, coloring sheets, and printables for the different art periods or artists. These are also great for literacy centers and extension lessons.


All of the lessons can be easily supported visuallly by a quick web search.

The art is included for copyright purposes. Not includedHowever, it can be more helpful to present digital versions of paintings so that all students are able to see them properly. Each lesson begins with a clear listing of artist and title. To share the artwork with your class, simply type the name into Google and then click on “images”. To complete the unit, you don’t need to go to any other websites.

How to manage student work

A scrapbook can hold all projects, making it a fantastic portfolio or keepsake. Included is a scrapbook cover. You can also display your amazing artwork on the wall, or you can glue it into the scrapbook with any extensions projects.

Teacher tip: This lesson has been done with multi-age buddy classes for over 12 years. It’s been a huge success. This is a wonderful opportunity to bring together students from various grade levels. We paired grade 2 students with grade 5 grade 5, and called them “big buddies.”


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These lessons in art are an excellent resource! They are so much fun!

This pack was a hit with my students.


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