Veterans’ Day Activity | Patriotic Soldier Collaboration Poster

Veterans' Day Activity |  Patriotic Soldier Collaboration Poster

It can be used from the first to eighth grade.
Most commonly used by 3rd or 4th grade students.

Includes PDF and 25 pages

Patriotic Soldier Collaboration poster. Create a memorable project for your kids. You will end up with a large poster (approx. 28” x 35”) poster to display in your classroom to honor our soldiers on Memorial Day, Armed Forces Day and/or Veterans Day. Students will also work in groups to make a stunning tribute.


The dimensions of the posters will depend on how they are printed.

This poster contains 20 parts. The 20 pieces fit on one sheet of regular copy paper.

You could also combine my soldier banner with my FREE if you have over 20 children in your school. “Thank You” collaborative poster or have two kids work on one sheet. Teachers always find creative ways to use my resources and I’m always amazed!(

A letter has been written in very small font to match each of the colors directly on the artwork. I suggest that students use crayons and markers to color the poster. Students should encourage them to use dark colors with crayons, so the final poster is bright and colorful.

You can see the finished project below if your students would like it. Teachers like to surprise their students until the end.

There are 4 different colors used on the poster, so you’ll have to supply them (probably in multiples) to the students.They are pretty standard colors; red, blue, yellow and green. Blank areas should be filled in with white. If each student doesn’t have the exact same shade of the colors, it is alright, it just adds “character” to the final product!

Your students should color each square and then cut them out and put the number and letter on the back.

This poster has been provided with instructions for each step, as well as how to put them together.

After it has been assembled, colored and laminated you may run it through your school’s laminator. The bonus coloring pages are included at the end to allow students to have their own small poster. The individual coloring sheets can be colored however they like! I’ve had teachers tell me that they had the group make the big poster and then displayed both the group poster and individual coloring sheets for a beautiful bulletin board!

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This is a very engaging activity that has detailed instructions. In a class of third-graders, I had 19 students. Each student was responsible to colour a square. Two days were spent learning about history.
Use informational text or videos to celebrate veterans day. Each student wrote facts on their own squares. Next, I put a bit of butcher’s paper on the floor. The students then joined together and pieced the puzzle. It was a great exercise for teaching teamwork. They discovered they’d flipped some pieces upside down after taping them in place. The whole group had a good time and it will all be fixed next week. Thanks you .

It was an excellent project that many students participated in for spring service day. The picture will be displayed at school as a tribute to those who have served their country.


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