Veterans Day Coloring Pages

Veterans Day Coloring Pages

It can be used by PreK-Grade 5th grade students.

Includes PDF and 10 pages

You can color pages, bunting and flags, as well as journal paper. ***This product is also included in my huge Coloring Pages All Year Long Bundle! To view, click HERE

Pages included:

With heart, stripes, stars and color text, the “We Love Our Veterans” design features hearts, stars, stripes, stars, as well as text!

You can cut out a “Bunting Flag” and attach it to string to decorate your hallway in honor of our veterans. Instructions: Students should complete this page at their own pace. You can have them draw or attach a photograph, cut out a star, and place a photo of the veteran in their family behind it. You can fill out the information such as name, branch and years of service. For hanging, trim the flag.

American Flag with 50 stars and thirteen stripes

Design for “Happy Veterans Day” with text, stars and stripes. There are many doodles available to complete!

Lined or unlined, the “Patriotic Page” allows students to write letters and pictures to veterans in a way that is a thanks note. By using Power Point, you can add a text box to this page. You can use this note as a reminder to take home about Veterans Day. The page is printed full-page and four on one page.

Enjoy, and thank you!


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It’s a fun way to engage students in Veteran’s Day. The only group of students here are five, so the colorists colored and gave them to our veterans.

It was a great opportunity for the kids to share their love of the military with others. They will also be useful next year.


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