Video Game Music Composition Project

Video Game Music Composition Project

It can be used to help 5th-9th graders.

Includes PDF and 30 pages

Video game music units are a wonderful way to get students in upper elementary and middle schools interested in music. They will learn how music is composed, analysed, analyzed, and thought about. Videogame composers will be taught to students through interviews. Students also learn how to analyze the sound of video games. Finally, they’ll create and play their video game.

This unit includes:

PowerPoint slides are available in a variety of formats.

Teacher notes in PDF format, including suggestions and tips to help you teach the project in whole class, small groups, or individually.

Fully editable Word Document (also available as PDF).

A Word document that can be edited. Includes links to software online for students who want to create real videogames. Also available in PDF.

Fullly editable Word document. Use this rubric for your project. Also available in PDF.

Due to the number of resources in the file, please note that the file is a zip file.

These are also possible options:

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