Vincent van Gogh for Kids

Vincent van Gogh for Kids

Can be used for K – 3rd
Mostly used with 1st and 3rd students.

Includes: PDF, 34 pages

We take teaching art to a whole new level. This pack features 18 different hands-on activities that are sure to inspire the creative genius within. This pack includes: -A biography
-Van Gogh’s famous works
-Seasons in van Gogh’s paintings
-4 puzzles
-Creating Movement Exercise
-Nighttime, Daytime …

I used this resource to teach about Van Gogh’s movement in art. The students created their own masterpiece of Van Gogh art. Framed their work.

Such a fun and engaging unit! I am using this with my kindergartener and 3rd grader before we visit the Barnes Foundation in Philadelphia. I think this will give them a great foundation of appreciation for Van Gogh before our visit. Thanks!


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