Virtual Field Trips for Music & Performance Arts

Virtual Field Trips for Music & Performance Arts

This can be used by 4th-7th grade students.

Also available in PDF

The PowerPoint remote learning presentation is editable and includes links to multiple websites where students can take a trip for virtual drama, dancing, or music. The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati is the first stop. Here you will find a link that takes you to Sleeping Beauty, the complete musical. Also, a tutorial on how to make ghostly eye makeup! Next, it’s time to visit the iconic theaters all over the world using Google! The next step is to learn to tune and make a waterxylophone. Students will also take an interactive musical tour of New Orleans. Finally, they’ll be able to create their own choreography using an AI tool. Students will have the chance to make their own choreography and connect to various arts platforms, while also traveling the United States.


Dance · Drama · Music

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