Visual Art Word Wall Cards (With and Without Definitions)

Visual Art Word Wall Cards (With and Without Definitions)

This can be used to teach K-10th and Homeschool students.

Included: Multiple options, PDF

Your students should be able to identify and use art vocabulary. Show the administration how your school incorporates literacy into art rooms!

You can use these cards to make a gigantic art word wall. Or, place them near your learning targets and essential questions so that your students (and administrators) see the words being used for each lesson.

Print these cards at a smaller resolution and let students glue them to their sketchbooks.

The package contains a number of cards that can be used to create art lessons. The cards can be either printed or hand-drawn. 3”x5”Standard index card size 4.5″X7.5″.You can find it here. They feature both a vocabulary word and a matching visual image to help students understand the word’s meaning (GREAT resource for ELL students)!

A set of 220 words wall cards with definitions will be available. These cards are 3.75″x5″It includes a glossary word, its definition and a visual illustration.

You can order all the set in this package in English or UK/AUS/CAN English.

*To view list of included words, please check out my preview.

You can create any missing cards with this blank PowerPoint template. For additional assistance, this package contains step-by–step instructions as well as an instructional video.

>> If you are looking for my set which includes Spanish translations, please CLICK HEREYou can!

These cards can be used as part of word walls. Check out my Set of bulletin board letters

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These are my favorite! These are perfect for many purposes. You can have it or not! When discussing vocabulary, it is so much fun to break the rules! You will also love these pictures!

It is amazing! This resource is extremely detailed and contains a lot great information. The information was easy to use and my students loved it. It made planning much easier. These are great visuals.


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