Visual Recipe Lesson Bundle

Visual Recipe Lesson Bundle

This can be used to help students not in the appropriate grade.

Includes PDF and 30 pages

You can make your cooking lessons more engaging with this interactive recipe book.


— Step-by-step visual recipe flip-book

Three levels of a student’s recipe card: copy the recipe, match photo to step in recipe, match image to picture

— There are 3 levels to the recipe reflection worksheets. They can be used open-ended, multiple-choice, or with pictures.

****Watch a video preview here****

You can have students fill out their recipe cards while going through the flipbook together, or after they are done as a class.

**Tip: Save all the recipe cards and make a class cookbook at the end of the year!**

This bundle includes:

Popcorn Interactive Cooking Lesson

Cereal Interactive Cooking Lesson

Nachos Interactive Cooking Lesson

Do you prefer to do less preparation? You can download the digital version by clicking here

This might be a good option for you:

FREE Grocery List Lesson

Rice Interactive Cooking Lesson


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