Visual Recipe – Life Skills – Summer – Ocean Snacks – June – Autism

Visual Recipe - Life Skills - Summer - Ocean Snacks - June - Autism

This can be used by 1st-12th grade students.

Includes PDF and 15 pages

| Visual Recipes | Summer | Ocean Snacks | June | Autism | Cooking | Math | Reading | Writing | Special Education | Life Skills |

My newest series of visual cooking recipes is now available! This PDF is the ideal fit for any life-skills or special education classroom. This download is an excellent addition for general education teachers who want to include simple, no-bake cooking techniques into their day. The recipes will be prepared without the use of an oven or stove.

Each month, a different visual recipe will be featured in this series. This Ocean SnacksVisual recipes would be great for this month. JuneYou can find us at:

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Students can learn how to cook, which is an important life skill. Engage all of your students with this comprehensive download. There are two levels to each recipe. The first level is designed for people who are not proficient in reading and can be used to create visuals. Higher level students can use the other level. Every lesson includes differentiation!

Included in the purchase:

This visual tutorial will show you how to make an Ocean Snack Dessert.

8 Recipe Reflection Questions with an emphasis on visuals (including some fun Emojis!)

Recipe for your Ocean Snack Dessert

– 10 reflection questions on recipes (more focus is placed on the reading, but there are still some fun emojis).

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