Visual Recipes – Life Skills – Christmas Wreaths – Autism – December – Cooking

Visual Recipes - Life Skills - Christmas Wreaths - Autism - December - Cooking

It can be used to make 2nd-12th
Most commonly used for 2nd-year students.

Includes PDF and 14 pages Holidays

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My newest series of visual cooking recipes is now available! This is the perfect download for special education and life skills classes! This download is an excellent addition for general education teachers looking to include simple, no-bake cooking techniques into their everyday routine. The recipes do not require an oven or stove. The only kitchen appliances you will need to make this Christmas wreath recipe are a refrigerator and a microwave.

The visual recipes series will feature one recipe per month. This Christmas wreathVisual recipes would be great for this month. December(:)

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The art of cooking is something that students can master. This all-inclusive guide will help you engage your students! Every recipe has TWO versions of the exact same recipe. The first level is designed for people who are not proficient in reading and can be used to create visuals. For higher-level learners, the second level is available. Every lesson includes differentiation!

Included in the purchase:

This is a visual guide to making Christmas wreaths with ingredients and instructions.

8 Recipe Reflection Questions with an emphasis on visuals (including some fun Emojis!)

Christmas wreaths: 1 recipe

– 10 reflection questions on recipes (with more reading emphasis, but lots of fun emojis)

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