WANTED Posters/ Writing! @ conferences , hallway , open house , adjectives

It can be used to homeschool, PreK-Three and Homeschool.
Most commonly used for Kindergarten and Second-Grade students.

Includes: PDF,


You can use this project to make a bulletin board or hallway display. This project can be used in the middle of the year at an open house, conference, or even after a lesson on adjectives.!

******UPDATED to include the British English spelling of favourite ….and ALSO includes a wonderful A-Z list of positive adjectives you could use to describe the kids (optional to do that with this project). 🙂 ************

This is how it turned out for my class. ADORABLE!

Others teachers have similar opinions:

This was a great idea for an open house. The parents were thrilled to see their children’s work!

I loved the activity, and my students did too! “Thank you!”

All The Interesting Details:

The packet contains directions and examples as well as writing pages for girls and boys. There is also a picture page that includes the already-drawn hat. It’s so simple and adorable.

It’s perfect for any time of year, but especially fun at open house or conferences when you want things to look extra cute. 🙂

Begin by asking children to fill out the frames. In the box on top, they should write their name OR even better- their 1st name accompanied by a NICE adjective (extra fun if it starts with the same letter as their name, but not necessary)… like I might be Kind Katie.

Then, show them how to draw the face. Next, show them how to draw the simple initials of their first name on a bubble. Also, tell them what size head to use to align with the hat. Finally, teach them how to create the hair, neck and shoulders. Slowly and with care. The border can be colored by those who finish quickly. If you don’t have black flair pens, I prefer to use light pencils. Then trace the border with black crayons.

To give the image an Old West feel, mount it on a large sheet of brown construction papers.

Have fun roundin’ up those awesome kids! Yee-haw!

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These were printed at lunch and shared with my kids immediately. They are so excited to see their parents at the open house! We are grateful!!

I printed these at lunchtime and began to share them with my children right away! They are so excited to see their parents at the open house! We are grateful!!


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