Wassily Kandinsky Art History Workbook and Art Biography Unit-Abstract Art

Wassily Kandinsky Art History Workbook and Art Biography Unit-Abstract Art

Can be used for 3rd – 9th, Homeschool students.

Includes: PDF, 34 pages

This art history packet introduces students to the artist Wassily Kandinsky. Through an information page, coloring pages, analysis of a piece, and creation of two projects, students learn more about Wassily Kandinsky. Students learn about oil pastel techniques and create a find piece of art based on the artist’s work.

18 Worksheets Included: (See Preview File)

  • High Resolution Poster of “Yellow-Red-Blue” by Wassily Kandinsky
  • About the artist information sheet with examples
  • Instruction sheet
  • More resources sheet with links to movies
  • 4 coloring sheets line drawings of Kandinsky paintings
  • “Sea Battle” reference sheet
  • Analysis of “Sea Battle” worksheet
  • Drawing from Music worksheet with links to music
  • Final Drawing from Music worksheet
  • Draw like Kandinsky line identification sheet
  • Kandinsky oil pastel artwork worksheet


  • Student example of Kandinsky oil pastel project
  • Student examples of Drawing from Music project
  • “Sea Battle” analysis Key

Ways to use in the classroom:

  1. As an introduction to a famous artist and their work.
  2. Students create their own Tree of Life art using the worksheets.
  3. To support other skills such as: Creating Patterns, Oil Pastel blending
  4. As early finisher work or as a quick art substitute lesson.

TpT EASEL – Use TpT Easyl to print or digitally assign pages to students.

You have other options than printing these sheets in color. The example can be projected using a document camera, or students can look up artwork on a smartphone or chromebook.

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A note about artwork used in this resource: The work contained in this resource is in the public domain in its country of origin and other countries and areas where the copyright term is the author’s life plus 70 years or less. All line artwork was created by Sabrina Wingren using Wassily Kandinsky’s work as reference. Any student artwork included in this article is permitted to be used with explicit permission.

©2017 & @2019 A Space to Create. Sabrina Wingren. All rights reserved.

This material is not intended to be resold or shared online without permission.

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Great seller. Students love the lessons and are challenged.

It’s a great product. Students love the lessons and are being challenged.


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