“We Are All Connected” All About Me Tessellation | Community Building Activity

"We Are All Connected"  All About Me Tessellation | Community Building Activity

Can be used for 3rd – 9th students.

Includes: PDF, 30 pages

This project is the perfect “ALL ABOUT ME” team-building activity for your class–especially as a back-to-school activity. This project connects individuals with groups using tessellations and has a lot of “wow” factor when completed. It’s both fun and easy to teach. I’ve done everything I could think of to make this a successful project–I’ve even included a teaching video and the banner in English, Spanish and French!

This All About Me activity will help you get to know your students and inspire them as individuals and as a group.

We all are connected!

This is the message. Every student is unique with their own talents and interests. However, when they are paired with their classmates, it’s possible to create something beautiful and meaningful.


How it works…

  • Students will each work individually on an abstract tessellation piece of a person.
  • Students will personalize their pieces by answering questions about them, such as what their favorite things and when they were born. They can also add their own decorations.
  • When their piece is completed, they will cut them out.
  • The final pieces will then be assembled into a tessellation mural/poster/bulletin board display with their peers.

You might keep additional pieces handy, as the tessellation could go on for hours. These could be used to add students or have parents make one for open houses or volunteers. Your tessellation poster can expand throughout the year.

Included in this resource:

  • Teaching video
  • Instructions
  • Tessellation pieces
  • Banner “We Are All Connected” in English, Spanish & French.

Teaching Video:

Before you start this project, you could show my tessellation teaching video to your students. In this video, I give your students a basic introduction to tessellation (so you don’t have to). This video will also show your students how it works. You can then take it from there.


I have provided all of the steps for this project as written instructions. These instructions include several options for how to assemble and display your final project.

Tessellation Pieces:

I have designed an abstract tessellation piece of a person to represent the children in your class. There are four designs included – the designs have a variety of shirts and pant designs. Each piece asks “all about me” questions for the students to answer.

“We Are All Connected” Banner:

I have included a “We Are All Connected” 5-page banner to display along with your final tessellation mural. This poster is available in English, Spanish, and French. Two options have been included. The first has colors red, yellow and blue and the second does not. This allows your students to color it as they wish.

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This resource was a wonderful start to the year. The symbolism of all of us “being connected” as a new
Learning community is a very important message as we build our classroom community. All students could participate. We are grateful!

This activity was perfect for our first day back in school after 8 months online. My class is divided into 2 groups, some of whom are online only. This activity was done by everyone.


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