We HEART Art Poster — Great Bulletin Board Decoration and Art Sub Plan

We HEART Art Poster — Great Bulletin Board Decoration and Art Sub Plan

This can be used by PreK – 8th-grade, Homeschool students.

Included: PDF, 40 Pages

This art project is for both teachers of art and students in the classroom. The “We Heart Art” collaboration poster includes a bonus coloring page. This is an excellent poster to display on a bulletin board or subboard.

It is perfect for decorating your art studio or classroom. The poster is a great centerpiece for bulletin boards and hallway displays. Children love these posters because they enjoy seeing the collaborative effort involved—each piece of the poster is essential—just like the child.

Collaboration Poster:


The lesson is easy to teach (with minimal prep), but it’s great fun for the kids. Each student gets a piece of the large mosaic collaboration poster. They are instructed to color it according to the instructions. When all of the pieces have been cut out and colored, you can then assemble them to create a multicolored mosaic/poster/mural.

Poster Details:

  • 30 pages 
  • Grid of 5 x 6.
  • Last poster approximately. 35 in. 35 in. (Depending on the printer settings). 
  • Red, blue, yellow and green are the colors that crayons, colored pencils or markers require. 

Some teachers love to reveal what their students will make (that is why I am including a last example), but others like to keep it secret to surprise the kids.

This is a bonus coloring page:

The collaborative posters are great fun, and they teach kids a lesson in working together for common good. The project ends with nothing that kids can take home for their families. This is why I included a bonus coloring page with the message “I love art” that the children can color after they have completed their poster. They will be able to take the pages home and remind them of this project. It’s also a nice touch to take a class photo in front of this poster and send copies of the picture home with the kids or put in their file, so they have a copy of their work and their class—I assure you they will never forget which piece they colored!

My “We Heart Poster” Collection

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I had my students make this sub with me and they are now ready for it to be hung at the entrance to our next art show. Many thanks!

My students did this using a sub, and it is now ready to hang at the entry of our art exhibition. Many thanks!


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