Weaving on Cardboard Looms! Colorful Kente Cloth- Inspired by the Art of Africa!

Weaving on Cardboard Looms! Colorful Kente Cloth- Inspired by the Art of Africa!

Can be used for 5th – 9th, Homeschool students.

Includes: PDF, 21 pages

Weaving has always been a favorite project for my students! Last spring, I introduced my students African Kente woven fabrics to them. The symbolic meanings and colors of these traditional fabrics were explained to students. Students were able to create their own “fabric” by weaving specific designs using yarn and a cardboard mill. Students learn how to weave rectangles, stripes, diagonals triangles, diamonds squares, rectangulars, and a stairstep pattern. Students loved learning how to weave different shapes. They were able, by the end of the lesson to create their own “free choice” design using the skills they had learned. This product makes this lesson easy to teach!

Included you will find:

-A detailed lesson plan with an additional introductory warm-up lesson that educates students about African Kente Cloths made in Ghana and the meaning of the designs as well as how the cloths are traditionally used and worn in Africa.

To support the lesson, handouts printables are provided.

8 color handouts are available in printable format. They include instructions for each step and provide detailed information about how to make each design. This handout is extremely helpful for students who are absent or falling behind.

Also included are photos of the final project as well as examples of the woven patterns.

-Weaving terminology and definitions.

BONUS item: “32 African-style Patterns” printable to use on any African themed project you might need pattern resources for in the future.

This project has a very high success rate It lends itself to a lot of one on one time with students but also collaboration within the class as the students help each other along as they progress through the weaving projects together.

The weaving takes between 8-10 days. If the student is unable to finish, I can show them how to make Japanese Kumihimo braids from yarn with a paper plateloom. This time filler is a hit with my students. The lesson plan and instructions can be found in my TPT store.

This is a great addition to our unit studies.

This was a huge hit with my students, who love multiculturalism. Due to closing of our school, they were unable complete the assignment. However, we hope to get them back. Excellent lesson.


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