What is Art All About? (4 pages, with Teacher’s Guide), Art Lesson

What is Art All About?  (4 pages, with Teacher's Guide), Art Lesson

It can be used to teach K – 5th grades.

Included: 4 Pages PDF

This guide introduces you to the Visual Arts. The worksheets can be used by the children to complete their own work.

It includes the name of the artist and the date that it was made. The students can also create their version. This is where students can express themselves through the use of the blanks. You can copy, outline, draw or just one part of the design. The possibilities are endless and they can choose to copy, outline or draw the designs. Active participation is encouraged in any form.

You will receive:

Page 1: Painting, Pottery and Sculpture

Page 2: Environmental Art, Drawings, Animations, Film/Animation

Page 3: Printmaking, Architecture, Photography

Teachers Guide: Vocabulary

Copyright may apply to some images. Fair Use in Education is their permission. This will increase the knowledge and experience of art students about famous artists and encourage art appreciation.

You can save on Paintings as well as Ceramics by purchasing my Bunded “Art is!” Series.

For any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact me. For those who are not familiar with Open-Ended Art activities, download my “Open-Ended Art Is …”” document. You will earn points toward free lessons on TPT if you provide feedback. It is also possible for me to know how it was received by your students.

Lunapic.com offers a free conversion service if you require a file in a different format.

Excellent introduction to visual art

It’s a fantastic way to expose students to the visual arts. The teacher guide is also very useful. It is very useful. Many thanks.


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