What is Graphic Design? Graphic Design Tips and Tricks

What is Graphic Design?  Graphic Design Tips and Tricks

This can be used by 4th-7th grade students.

Included: PDF, 16 Pages

This presentation provides a foundational introduction to the field of graphic design. It was made for grade 5/6 students, but it could be helpful to other age groups.

These 10 slides provide information on graphic design: logos and book covers, poster designs, packaging, books, and posters. You can find information about or ask questions regarding the slides.

This presentation also includes basic guidelines for graphic design that will help your students start their own projects.

After creating the presentation as a file in PowerPoint, it was saved to PDF. You should ensure that you are using the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader. It can be viewed full-screen and projected for students.

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It was exactly what I needed to put in my classroom.


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