What to Listen for in Music Bulletin Board Set

What to Listen for in Music Bulletin Board Set

It can be used to teach K-12th.

Includes PDF and 150 pages

The bulletin board set includes vocabulary posters that will guide your students while they discuss and listen to music.

The set includes 15 musical term posters with additional vocabulary cards for each term and 2 different decorative ribbon titles, all printable in your choice of color or black & white. Every term poster includes a definition and questions for students to help them think about the music. You can also find sample vocabulary cards to start the discussion. JPEGs have been included for each poster and card for printing and scaling ease. I also include a print guide as well as an edit guide to add your terms.

Take a look at the preview to get a better idea!


These words are part of the vocabulary:

TIME: shimmering and calm.

INSTRUMENTATION: Choir, band, orchestra. Tenor, bass. Soprano alto. Strings. Brass. Keyboards. Woodwinds. Percussion. Solo, duet. Trio. Quartet. Ensemble.

BEAT: Strong, weak, no beat. Anacrusis. Duple meter. Triple meter. Compound meter. Simple meter. Cut time. Common time. Time signature. On-beat. Off-beat. Meter. Cross beat. Backbeat.

RHYTHM – quarter note. quarter rest. half note. half note. whole note. whole rest. eighth note. eighth rest. note. rest. sixteenth and sixteenth rest. pattern. syncopation

MELODY: Ascending and descending, going upward, going down. Stay the same.

TOTALITY: Major, Minor, Hexatonics, Diatonics, Chrotic, Modal, Ionian, Dorian, Pyrgian, Lydian, Mixolydian. Aeolian. Scale degree, tonic. Median. Subdominant. Predominant. Supertonic. Leading tone. Tonal center. Key, Signature. Diminished, Augmented.

HARMONY: Interval, Unison, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Octave, Chor, Consonance, Dissonance

FORM: introduction, interlude, coda, AB, ABA, ABACA, AABA, AABB, sequence, theme & variations, rondo, canon, round, strophic, ternary, binary, verse & refrain, call & response, fugue, recapitulation, bridge, sonata

TEMPO: slow, medium, fast, getting faster, getting slower, accelerando, ritardando, rallentando, largo, adagio, andante, moderato, allegro, vivace, presto, a tempo

DYNAMICS: soft, medium, loud, quiet, getting louder, getting softer, crescendo, decrescendo, pianissimo, mezzo piano, piano, mezzo forte, forte, fortissimo, diminuendo, morendo

ARTICULATION: smoothly connected, separated, legato, staccato, slur, phrase mark, accent, tenuto, marcato, accent, sforzando, pizzicato, fermata

TEXT (LYRICS): English, Italian, German, French, Spanish, lyrics

STYLE: blues and bluegrasses, folk, pop.

MOOD: Joyful, sad, anger, lively, mysterious and sweet.



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I inherited a blank canvas music room, so I needed to fill the walls quickly. This is a beautiful ready-made bulletin set. Thanks so much!

This resource has come in handy for our work around the elements of music. The cards are colourful and very easy to read. Another top resource. Thanks TPT!


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