What’s in a Name Glyph Activity Packet

What's in a Name Glyph Activity Packet

Can be used for 1st – 5th students.

Includes: PDF, 15 pages

This is a great back to school activity!

Have students follow the glyph key to decorate the letters of their name. Several extension activities are included: Student biography models, Cool Kid Trading Card, Glyph key to hang on a bulletin board with the students glyphs, student direction cards to use as they complete their own glyph, letters to use as tracers or for students to cut and paste and a picture of a completed bulletin board.

Updated 7/2021 to include names up to 13 letters and ages to 12.

This was a great beginning of the year activity. I had these up on the board at back to school night right next to their self-portraits.

Thank you. My students loved this and it is so fun to see everyone stop at our display and read to find out about the kids.


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