Winter Drama Circle

Winter Drama Circle

This can be used by 3rd-6th grade students.

Includes PDF and 11 pages

This drama activity that has a winter/snow day theme is similar to the I Have / Who Has game. This activity can be used to practice listening, drama, cooperation, learning, or morning meetings. The 40 cards are arranged in a series, each one containing a different instruction. The students form a circle and perform the scenarios. Each student acts out one card. The next student in the sequence begins acting out the card. This continues until all cards are acted.

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Give drama classes to students who enjoy it. MATH CIRCLESTry it! Give it a try! HERETo take a peak.

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My students love the Winter Drama circle. We have loved using it onOr after a snow day. It is a fun activity that they love, as well as mixing the cards. My most shy students are comfortable playing the role in this activity.

I bought this for my sub binder. This is a low-prep activity that my students can enjoy during the break. They loved our first drama circle. We are grateful for your sharing.


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