Winter Mega Pack of Music Worksheets

Winter Mega Pack of Music Worksheets

It can be used to support PreK-9th
Most commonly used by 3rd or 4th grade students.

Included: PDF, 106 Pages

New design update and Alto/Tenor Clef worksheets available as of January 2020


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This set of worksheets is full of winter musical fun. All of the activities are focused around basic music theory, such as note identification (treble/bass/alto/tenor), note and rest durations, and dynamics.

Take a peek at the preview file to see all worksheets included! The preview file might appear blurry because of compression. The full file has the same definition.


  • Line/Space Treble/Bass/Alto/Tenor
  • Notification/Rest Durations
    • These are mainly whole-half-quarters. There are also options for eight-day durations.
  • Dynamics
  • Colour by Symbol: 3 Color Scenes and 4 Versions (each with dynamics, notes/rests),

They can be used at all grade levels and they are a hit with my students! These can be done by students on their own or with partners. They are great to practice with or use as substitutes.

These are great for reviewing, sub-plans, and distance learning. I even used them when I went virtual for a week prior to our winter break. You will love all of the levels and variety.


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