Winter Writing Prompts Quilt: How to Build a Snowman, If I lived in an Igloo

Winter Writing Prompts Quilt: How to Build a Snowman, If I lived in an Igloo

It can be used by Homeschool, 2nd and 4th-grade students.

Included: PDF, 15 Pages

The Winter Writing Activity includes seven printable prompts that can be used to create a class quilt display. The Winter art activity is engaging, fun, and combines both writing and art. This will encourage your students to be creative and will also help them to create a beautiful display they can proudly show off! It’s a wonderful way to bring back students from winter break.

Here are some key features

  • This package contains seven writing prompts.
  • These Winter writing prompts come in two formats: 4×4 or 2×2 pages. Choose the size you like!
  • As many prompts as you want. You can use one or all of them.
  • You can have students complete the exact same square, or you can do different. You can print out the pages on paper, and you are good to go.
  • These quilt squares are designed for joining together in order to make a Winter Bulletin Board or display of quilt squares.
  • To create the quilt, this Winter activity blends art and writing.
  • This can also be used to co-ordinate a project at a writing center.
  • The students and teachers will be proud to display their efforts and make it a memorable event.
  • These items are great for Winter Celebrations at the Classroom.
  • This winter activity can be used as a display, literacy centre or homework.
  • By completing six of the prompt squares, students can make their own mini quilt and join them together.
  • You can use these for a Winter Break activity.

Grade Levels:

  • These writing prompts are suitable for grades 2 to 3.
  • Although some 1st-grade teachers have successfully used them, there may be limited space for writing. They can however be printed larger on a copier.
  • Teachers commented on how they used quilts successfully with their older students, from 5th to 8th grades.

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These 7 prompt sheets can be used to help you write.

  • I Like Winter Because…
  • Winter poems
  • Perfect Winter Day
  • How to Make a Snowman
  • Snowman Alphabet Adjectives
  • I Could Live in an Igloo
  • Penguin facts and opinions

It’s great for winter fun in the classroom.

Digital Versions

You can use this PDF file to make digital versions with Easel. Easel activities are pages in PDF that can be customized with Easel and then sent to students through Google Classroom. Google Classroom is required to access Easel.

There are many writing quilts available.

Writing Prompts Quilt Bundle

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We hope the children enjoy making this Winter Writing Quilt.


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