Writing Activities: Draw & Write (Kindergarten & 1st Grade, Directed Drawings)

Writing Activities:  Draw & Write (Kindergarten & 1st Grade, Directed Drawings)

Can be used for K – 1st, Homeschool
Mostly used with Kindergarten and 1st students.

Includes: PDF, 26 pages

This NO PREP writing packet is full of printables that will get your students writing in a fun and engaging way! They will follow step-by-step drawings to draw an animal or object and then write sentences about their picture. An image related to each drawing is included to help students generate ideas when writing about the pictures. An extra lined writing page has also been included at the end of the packet for differentiation. Just print this page on the back of any sheet to provide more writing space!

In addition to writing, this packet teaches students simple ways to draw 22 pictures. For best results, have students draw the picture with a pencil or black crayon and then go back and color it in with different colors. Markers are not recommended.

The printables are great for writing and literacy centers, independent work and homework!

Please Note: If you would like the step-by-step drawings without the writing lines, check out my Drawing Step-by-Step packet. It uses the same step-by-step drawings as this packet but without the writing lines. Be sure to only purchase one of these packets as they contain the same pictures.

Students will draw and write about the following:

  • dog
  • cat
  • rabbit
  • gift
  • pig
  • horse
  • cow
  • ice cream cone
  • mouse
  • chick
  • duck
  • rocket
  • bear
  • lion
  • giraffe
  • spaceship
  • turtle
  • fish
  • penguin
  • turkey
  • bee
  • moose

For other directed drawing resources, check out the following:

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22 activity pages/ 1 lined writing page/ 26 total pages

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