Yayoi Kusama- Art History for Younger Artists

Yayoi Kusama- Art History for Younger Artists

It can be used to teach K-2nd-grade students.

Included: PDF, 48 Pages

This is a great way to introduce your students to Yayoikusama, the Japanese artist. Engaging and simple to comprehend Yayoikusama scripted PowerPoint

These are the best scriptedYayoi Kusama PowerPoint makes it easy to comprehend for young artists (K-2). Yayoi Kusama PowerPoint can be downloaded here Filled with Yayoikusama art images. With scripted discussion questionsStudents will be engaged during the entire presentation. You can find the The Video links are included Learning can be fun with this PowerPoint! Yayoi Kusama’s PowerPoint features clear and easy-to-read fonts. It is easy to instruct A closure/review sectionThis will allow you to assess the learning of your students. Yayoikusama is an added bonus Early Finisher ActivitiesIncluded!


  • Slide Scripted PowerPoint on Kusama
  • 3 printable Kusama early finisher activities

This Yayoi Kusama PowerPoint was created to can be combined with your Kusama projects. You can find a Kusama PowerPoint and Project here Yayoi Kusama Pumpkin Project for Younger Artists.

***If you have already purchased the Yayoi Kusama Pumpkin Project for Younger ArtistsDo not buy this product. These PowerPoint slides are identical to those used in the resource.

* This product It is not editable.This product is not recommended for anyone who wants to modify the text or copy clip art. The images have been flattened to protect your privacy. The product’s label reads: NOT EDITABLEPlease do not provide feedback at the time of purchase if you are unable to modify this resource.

* This resource is designed to be simple and easily understood by K-2 artists. This resource has been simplified in terms of vocabulary and the amount of information. Grade level to be used.

This CLAUDE MONET Project is for young artists!


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This resource was a hit with my students. This was our introduction to the artist. Students were drawn to the images and videos. Students answered all the questions quickly and even asked additional questions. My students were engaged, and this helped us prepare for our painting project that involved dots with a similar style to Kusama.
It was very easy to modify for my middle school students. This resource is something I will use over and over.

Exactly what I was looking for – more more more please! With a wonderful mix of video and images, the scripted PowerPoint was just right. It was a little difficult to access Youtube videos via Keynote but not a problem. Our lesson was combined with color pages so we made our own dots. We will be looking for similar resources. Thank you.


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