Yayoi Kusama Pumpkin Project for Younger Artists

Yayoi Kusama Pumpkin Project for Younger Artists

Can be used for K – 2nd students.

Includes: PDF, 136 pages

Introduce your younger students to artist Yayoi Kusama with this engaging and easy to understand Yayoi Kusama Lesson and Project! This lesson comes complete with a SCRIPTED POWERPOINT, VISUAL STEP – BY-STEP PROJECT INSSTRUCTIONS, LESSON PLANS and ACTIVITIES. KUSAMA is a style that younger students will enjoy painting pumpkins. It’s all done for you! Check out the preview for examples!

Do you want the Yayoi Kusama PowerPoint WHICH DOES NOT include the project? Check out the Yayoi Kusama- Art History for Younger Artists Scripted PowerPoint!

The Scripted Yayoi Kusama PowerPoint is simple and easy for younger artists (K-2) to understand. It includes visual step-by-step project instructions for each step of the project. The Yayoi Kusama PowerPoint is filled with images of Yayoi Kusama’s art. With scripted discussion questions, students will stay engaged throughout the presentation. The included video links will help make learning fun! Yayoi Kusama PowerPoint makes setting up and planning easy by breaking down the lesson into four days. The easy to read font and clear images make this Yayoi Kusama PowerPoint easy to teach. This PowerPoint is easy to use thanks to the index and home button. A closure/review section at the end of day one will help you assess your student’s learning.


⚫ Printable Lesson Plan for Each Grade Level

(Medium, Skills, Vocabulary, National Standards, Objective/I Can Statement, Procedures, Assessment, Early Finisher, Differentiation, Materials)

⚫ Printable Materials List (visual setup instructions included)

⚫ Printable Project Instructions (also in PowerPoint)

⚫ Printable Art Tags for Student Work

⚫ Printable Kusama Style Bulletin Board Letters

⚫ Printable Early Finisher Activities

⚫ Printable Vocabulary/Word Wall Cards (5 1/2 X 4 inches)

⚫ Printable National Standards Posters (8 1/2 x 11 inches)

⚫ Printable Objective / I Can Posters (8 1/2 x 11 inches)

⚫ Printable Project Rubric

⚫ Printable Self Reflection Cards with Coordinating PowerPoint Slide

⚫ Extra Blank Slides (to add your own content) Monet

⚫ Binder Cover and Spine

* The Yayoi Kusama PowerPoint is divided into four days based on 45min class times. Based on the length of your class, teaching pace, setup time, cleanup time, and other factors, the pace of each lesson will differ.

* This product in non-editable. You cannot edit or copy the clip art or text of this product. The images have been flattened for security reasons. Since this product is labeled as NOT EDITABLE at time of purchase, please do not leave feedback based on your inability to edit this resource.

* This resource is designed to be simple and easily understood by K-2 artists. The vocabulary and amount of information have been simplified for the intended grade level.

*Print sizes may vary due to printer settings.


12X12 Card stock or heavy construction paper for background

Circle Sponge Brushes (various sizes)

Tempera Paint

10″ Dinner plates



2 1/2 X 2 1/2 inch construction paper or card stock squares for the stem

pipe cleaners

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I use this PowerPoint to introduce my students to Kusama. They love this presentation because they can talk about Kusama.

Second grade art students thought Yayoikusama’s art was “happy” and fun. They had a blast making Kusama-inspired pumpkins for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Highly recommended!


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