YEAR BUNDLE Visual Recipes with REAL pictures – Cooking in the Classroom

YEAR BUNDLE Visual Recipes with REAL pictures - Cooking in the Classroom

This can be used to help students not in the appropriate grade.

This includes: 867 pages PDF

YEAR BUNDLE * 5 visual recipes for each month (60 total no bake recipes) with REAL pictures of each step for an entire year of cooking in the classroom.

This collection of recipes can be used to teach your students how to prepare delicious meals, as well as helping them achieve their IEP goals.

Here’s a video preview.

Here are two images that you can try for free.


• Recipe card (that lists kitchen tools and ingredients needed)

• Visual recipe and sequencing mat

• Adapted visual recipe workpages

• Pages to create a visual recipe file folder

• 4” sequencing cards

• Comprehension questions

• Recipe survey

• …and more!


• Full size images of the end recipe

• Editable permission slip

• Editable calendar


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• Hot Cocoa Dip

• Lunch Box Kabobs

• Melted Snowmen

• Snow Mix

• Cranberry and Raisin Logs


• Yogurt Bites

• Strawberry Coconut Chow

• Cheesecake Bites

• Sour Grapes

• Chocolate Sprinkled Pretzels


• Veggie Bowls

• Shamrock Pretzels

• S’More Mix

• Chocolate Covered Oreos

• Fruit Cake Mix


• Banana Cookies

• Caramel Bark

• Caramel Chips

• Banana Bites

• Energy Bites


• Pizza Bagels

• Strawberry Sherbet

• Snack Mix

• Veggiewiches

• Spider Crackers


• Unicorn Floats

• Yogurt Fruit Kabobs

• Rainbow Pancakes

• Strawberry Dark Bark

• Swedish Fish Sushi


• Chocolate Bananas

• Ocean Water

• Sea Crackers

• Fruit Pizza

• Apple Cookies


• Sand Pudding

• White Chocolate Popcorn

• Rainbow Grilled Cheese

• Cheesecake Fruit Salad

• Pineapple Whip Cream


• Chocolate Oranges

• Cheesecake Salad

• Funfetti Dip

• Fruity Pebble Sushi

• Breakfast Parfait


• Vampire Sweets

• Veggie Pizza

• Monster Munch

• Critter Crack

• S’more Krispies


• Turk-eppers

• Grateful Grub

• Candy Pretzels

• Fruit-copia

• Fruit Salsa


• Cream Cheese Mints

• Cocoa Cups

• Jingle Juice

• Tree Krispies

• Buddy the Elf Cookies

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To share these visuals with my students, I searched online and finally found this set. This pack is amazing! The real photos, the process of sequencing each step, and the practice with the clip art comprehension questions following the preparation of the recipe are all my favorite things. Another great resource is Mrs. D’s Corner.

These visuals are amazing. This allows students to take an active role in the process of cooking. Students can use the image to help them find what they need. The take-home and reflection pieces that come with it are also great! Amazing!


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