Yearbook Journalism Photography Complete Teaching Pack, Beginners

Yearbook Journalism Photography Complete Teaching Pack, Beginners

Can be used for 8th – 12th, Higher Education students.

Includes: PDF, 75 pages


This Composing the Right Shot for Beginning Photographers Teaching Pack is designed specifically for your yearbook or journalism students. These tips and photos are intended to be used in journalism classes or publications. This teaching package is for anyone who wishes to improve their yearbook photos’ composition and quality, regardless of the camera they use. The teaching pack contains carefully chosen images from my staff and mine.

Students will learn and practice:
– How to safely hold a camera

– Basic buttons/parts of a camera

– Tips such as rule of thirds, fill the frame, etc.

– PPT format guided lesson

– Real examples curated for schools

– Short Assessment with answers

– Interactive Notebook insert for taking notes

– Task Cards prompts for practice

– Cheat sheets for pockets or camera bags

Classroom Success Stories from Teachers Who Have Tried this Resource:

♥ “Awesome we loved using this and our pictures have improved!”

♥Thank you for this wonderful resource. This was very helpful to me, as I introduced digital photography to my students this semester. They help us with our YB as also with photos for the website. Thank you again!

♥This was fantastic! PowerPoint was easy to use and engaging. Interactive notebook handouts are an excellent addition. It worked well for my large, energetic group.

♥”I am new to teaching yearbook, and the rep at my yearbook company suggested this as an excellent way for students learn about photography. “Thank you!”

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This was an excellent resource. It was easy to use and encouraged my students to engage more in the lesson. It was simple to use and did not require much planning.

This was a wonderful resource that I used earlier this year. This was modified to accommodate middle school students (6th-8th Grade), but it really helped. I don’t have a background in photography. Your help is greatly appreciated and I will be looking at your products in person for instruction.


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