YMCA Music Activities: Dance Lesson Plans: Rhythm Stick Lesson: Tempo: Movement

YMCA Music Activities: Dance Lesson Plans: Rhythm Stick Lesson: Tempo: Movement

Can be used for Not Grade Specific students.

Includes: PDF, 78 slide Powerpoint, Audio file, links to video demos

Can you say YMCA without singing it??!!! YMCA’s Music Activities (Pop Play-Along) contains lesson plans for dance, rhythm reading activities, and a rhythm stick lesson. Learn YMCA trivia, all about tempo and accents, review musical instruments and musical instrument families – and of course – how to do the famous YMCA steps! These powerpoint music activity lessons with no prep are a great way to improve rhythm and coordination. This product is ideal if your looking for dance lessons or fun ways to improve your music and move unit. The YMCA is a great way to break the ice, get back to school activities started or just change up your school year. You can enjoy the laughter of the students while you rhythm stick play along. The YMCA music activities tempo, rhythm sticks lessons and rhythmstick playalong are ideal for a group activity or a quick plan. It can be added to your sub-tub or used as a music centre. This product is great for small groups and large class engagements. It will help reinforce musical skills necessary for note reading and singing as well as the completion of worksheets and assignments.


  • History and interesting facts about the YMCA
  • Dance move instructions with demo videos
  • Instrument identification and recognition
  • Brass Instrument Family activity
  • Tempo identification, ordering and matching.
  • Rhythm play along and teaching/playalong video links
  • Audio file included in the powerpoint


♫ General Music Classes

♫ Band Class Fun

♫ Dance teachers

♫ Music Specialists

♫ Perfect for the Substitute/Supply Teacher

♫ Homeschool

♫ Teachers with Minimal Music Background


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My students absolutely loved this! This was so much fun!

It was a great activity that my students enjoyed and they were singing YMCA for weeks!

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