Zoo Animals Movement Cards and Brain Breaks (Transition activity)

Zoo Animals Movement Cards and Brain Breaks (Transition activity)

Can be used for PreK – 3rd, Homeschool
Mostly used with PreK students.

Includes: PDF, 14 pages

These 22 Zoo Animal Movement cards keep students active while teaching them about different actions, improving their motor skills! Great for brain breaks, transitioning between activities, or starting your day. Each card is large enough to use in a group setting. Cards feature: elephant, tiger, sea…

loved it!

I love incorporating movement in my circle time, but when working with special needs 3 year olds, it has to be movement we can do at the table or else chaos will ensue. I am always looking for movement cards to go with our months theme ot reiterate vocabulary in a fun way and provide imitation opportunities that can be done at the table. It can be hard though to find movement cards that aren’t all about crawling, hopping, shuffling, skipping, etc, and can have a table movement we do like stomping our feet, and flapping our wings. This resource worked great for providing me many movements we could still perform with my level of students. They always get excited when they see movement cards come out!


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